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One of the Boulder police officers involved in the shooting of a bull elk poses with the dead animal.

One of the Boulder police officers involved in the shooting of a bull elk poses with the dead animal.

The Boulder Police Department has announced that two Boulder police officers are responsible for the death of a bull elk in the Mapleton neighborhood late Tuesday night. The elk had become a common sight in the neighborhood, and is believed to be the same elk that trapped a postal worker on a porch last week. Although the elk had shown defiance towards humans it had not attacked any people or pets.

According to the press release, an on-duty officer shot the elk around 11pm on Tuesday night. An accompanying off-duty officer took the elk home to ‘process the meat’. Neither officer filed incident reports, and both officers also failed to notify their supervisors about the incident. Boulder police are required to file a report any time they discharge a weapon.

Boulder police stated that the officer claimed to have shot the elk because it was injured. The officer is quoted as saying that the elk was limping, and had a broken rack. However, photographs of the dead elk show no signs of a damaged rack. The elk was in a residential yard when the officer shot it.

Residents of the area have reported witnessing the incident. One resident reported hearing a shot, and, later, going outside to see what appeared to be Boulder County Sheriff’s Office deputies loading up the animal.

Boulder Police and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are working together to determine whether criminal charges can be applied to this case. Parks and Wildlife is investigating from a ‘wildlife’ perspective, while Boulder Police has launched an internal investigation. Possible criminal charges could include poaching, discharging a weapon within city limits without cause, hunting within city limits, hunting without a tag, and hunting an elk with a firearm not approved for elk hunting.


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