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The plan's 2-mile focus area. CREDIT: City of Boulder

The plan’s 2-mile focus area. CREDIT: City of Boulder

After an increase in coyote attacks along Boulder Creek Path in recent months, the city of Boulder has released a coyote management plan, aimed at controlling coyotes on and around a 2-mile section of the path. The plan is includes a 28-day hazing program, which will be evaluated upon completion, after February 15th.

Between December 24th and January 2nd, seven reported incidences of coyote aggression have been filed with the city, including a report made by a jogger who was bitten on the calf by a coyote, and one filed by a cyclist who was chased by a coyote. The incidents have been taking place along the path, primarily between 30th st. and 55th st.

The city has long held the policy of killing any coyote that shows serious aggression, and the new plan does not make an exception to that policy. Hazers will be out on the path daily, looking for coyotes. They will haze any that they find using non-invasive scare tactics, with the goal discouraging coyotes from coming near the path.

Wildlife officials say it is not realistic to expect coyotes to avoid the targeted area altogether, and that an emphasis must also be placed on public awareness. Informing residents about coyotes and what to do in the event of a coyote attack is half the battle. Under state law, coyotes cannot be legally relocated. In the event that a non-aggressive coyote does not want to leave the area, people will have to learn to accept the animal’s presence and learn to conduct themselves appropriately around the coyote.

The plan is a temporary response targeting a specific area, and is not intended to be a city-wide or permanent coyote management plan.


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Coyote Management Plan: PDF


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