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The 2008 Farm Bill that was temporarily halted in October has received a one-year extension in the days leading up to the proposal’s deadline. On Tuesday, Congress voted to extend the bill for the 2013 fiscal year, thereby easing some concerns and raising others. Stipulations of the extension include a retention of existing programs such as crop insurance and a prevention of dairy subsidies, which will effectively prevent a predicted doubling in price of dairy products in the coming year. However, the bill also slashed funding in other key areas, such as disaster relief and conservation funding. Farmers are also expressing concern over Congress’ failure to pass a more concrete five-year bill, bringing into question the future of the bill this time next year. The lack of long-term protection could leave the bill vulnerable to even deeper spending cuts in 2014.

The Conservation Reserve Program was specifically affected by the new bill. As of Tuesday, the adjusted bill “[doesn’t] provide funding for some conservation measures. A short term extension, even to Sept. 30 will likely prevent FSA and NRCS from sign-ups for new CRP or CSP contracts.”(1)  Current contracts will continue to be honored, but new contracts may not be issued. The new bill will also “likely lower the maximum acreage in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) from the current level of 32 million acres down to a maximum of 25 million acres in CRP, in order to increase crop production acreage in the U.S.” (2)


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